Angry Thomas

Shut up already,
I wasn’t there,
Yeah, I get it.
While you wait here,
I dodge soldiers and guards,
You see Jesus,
I did not.
Rub it in,
Get off my case,
OK, I want to see him for myself,
Quit being jerks,
Somebody has to go outside,
I don’t see you all volunteering to find food,
You don’t want to get caught,
Those were your words,
Suddenly I’m the doubter,
We’ll you’re a coward,
Mr. Three-Time Denier,
Go ahead; rub it in my face,
I want to touch his hands,
Let me see these wounds,
Leave me be,
Keep your peace,
I watched him die,
like you did too.
Don’t play with my mind,
not this time,
Lazarus, Jesus,
I’ve gone tone deaf,
to dealing with death.

–Richard Bryant