Barrister Jack: He’s Back for More

Jack Koffi <>

Today, 13:11

My dear friend Richard Griswold ,

how are you and your family? I have received your message counselling my offer to you, am sorry to hearing that your blind person. I contacted you for a bussiness for you to help me out, I want you to know that this deal is for real and not scaring jokes, I am a respected person in my country and with great personality so I would not engage myself in this as a joke. Please all I want from you is your sincerity, honesty and understanding in order for us to achieve this aim. For more information about the transfer of this Fund $3.2 Million to your account, I will prefer that you will send to me your full information such as:
(1) Full names:
(2) Private phone number:
(3) Current residential address:
(4) Occupation:
(5) Age and Sex:
(6) Marital Status:

This will enable me go to the concerned Authority to legally and officially present you as the sole next of kin to my deceased client in order to expedite the necessities for the immediate release of the deposit to your account.

Thanks you for your understanding
Barrister Jack Koffi


My dearest Jack Koffi,

I have eagerly anticipated you latest reply.  I am sure you are a great personality in the wonderful country of  Togo.  I want you to know I am for real blind, partially deaf in my right ear, and living in a mental institution because my parents are no longer able to care for me in the manner in which I’ve grown accustomed.  This is for me.  3.2 million would really help me acquire the new toaster I’ve promised the other residents.  The toast here is horrible.  If I, a bind and partially deaf person will help you, I will need to call you on your personal phone number, know your current address, and how much sex you get.  If you tell me, then maybe, as my therapist says, I’ll feel better about telling you.  The phone here usually rings and the guard tells me I have a call.  No one give me the number.

My wife lives with Jesus in heaven.  She had the fever and a pox when we made the crossing.

Why do you refuse to use my codename Pancake for our international money operation?  See, I can’t even trust you with something as simple as that?