Have You Met Barrister Jack?

Dier Folly <dierfolly@>
1:26 PM (22 hours ago)


Hi i am Jack Koffi, I am contacting you to assist me retrieve his huge deposit Mr. Stevenson
left in the bank before its get confiscated by the bank . Get back to
me for more detail’s reply to my private email address

Barrister. Jack Koffi, (ESQ


Yesterday, 18:38

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Barrister Jack,

I got your email. Are you in France? I love France. If I could see, I would go but I can’t. You want my help with money. I got it! What do you want me to do? I got you on this! Email me the details and I will help you with your awesome detail money swipe thing. Does it matter that I am blind? Are blind people prohibited from helping out with your deal? I can help with money. I can really count. It’s just that I’m blind. I type good but that’s because my computer listens to me talk. So hit me up my money brocephus. Can I have a code name? Will you call me pancake? What is a barrister?

You new money switching pal,

Dickie Bryant

Re: More Details My good friend Richard bryant .


Today, 09:58
You replied on 29/03/2017 16:17.
My good friend Richard bryant .

To begin with, I thank you for your kind attention paid to my confidential mail as well as your commitment to co-operate with me upon clarification of this case.

I am the personal attorney to my late client Mr. Stevenson bryant , who used to work as a Contractor and have spent most of his life in my country (TOGO). I contacted you in this matter base on the fact that you bear the surname with my late client and since I had sought for the relatives without success, instead of this fund being confiscated by the Finance Firm or being claimed by some unscrupulous person, I decided to contact you in this matter to be able to have a good share of the money, at least it’s better than letting it go down the drain.

My reasons to choose you:

1. I want us to engage in business partnership. 2. You will stand as the relative and then put claim over the release of the fund by sending an application to the bank from your country for processing and approval . (I will provide you the application) 3. Based on this, all I needed is your honest, seriousness, capability and co-operation so I can present you to the bank and then establish your legality in the court as the relation to my late client. You have to furnish me with your full information such as

(1) Full names:
(2) Private phone number:
(3) Current residential address:
(4) Occupation:
(5) Age and Sex:
(6) Marital Status:

This will enable me go to the concerned Authority to legally and officially present you as the sole next of kin to my deceased client in order to expedite the necessities for the immediate release of the deposit to your account.

Yours Sincerely
Barrister Jack Koffi (Esq.)

Jack Koffi <barr.jackwf@gmail.com >

Re: More Details My good friend Richard bryant .

Today, 16:17
Jack Koffi (barr.jackwf@gmail.com)
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Dearest Jack,

Yes, I do feel as if we are good friends. I will, although I am blind and cannot see or read anything you send me without my mother, father, or other good friend reading back to me, I will listen to what they say. As they read it to me,because I am blind and live in world of total darkness, I will imagine your words of trusting clarification floating through the air. I will listen, because I cannot see or read.

Is Togo in France? I’ve never been to France or seen a map.  What does the color red look like?

Bryant is my middle name. My last name is Count Baron von Griswald. I am of German nobility.  My father manages gold deposits for a Swiss hedge fund in Geneva.

My sex is never. I never have sex. The girls here do not like the sex with a blind guy.

My home is residential.  I get to see my family when a judge allows it on certain weekends.

You’re going to give me money? Do you think I can have an eye operation and see again? What will you spend your money on?

Your good friend,

Richard Bryant Baron von Griswald, (aka Pancake)