Mississippi Isn’t Burning: Lighten Up


1. Between the two churches (Getwell Road and The Orchard), they don’t equal the size of one congressional district. Come back screaming “the sky is falling” when you’ve got more numbers in play.

2. How is it “big” news that mega church Methodists in Mississippi (a state that’s overwhelmingly Republican, voted for Donald J. Trump, and still has the Confederate flag on the state flag) aren’t pleased with the general direction of the United Methodist Church? If you’re shocked by this and think it’s indicative of national trends, there’s a seat for you on the National Security Council.

3. Do we honestly need more stuff to wring our hands about? Theological tizzies are just fine but I’m running out of room to care about people pissed off about the direction of Methodism. If you’ve not noticed, the country’s being driven by a self-tanning addict who thinks Sweden was  just attacked.

4. There are people in my church who are not exactly thrilled with Methodism but they are more worried about how to pay for their health care costs. Some are worried about being deported.  If you’ve got time to worry about who owns your church and pays your preacher, you must have no other concerns. What a privileged life you lead.  Your gas tank is full, your kids have college paid for, and your grandparents have good elder care. You are blessed.  I know they are proud of their self-righteousness.

5. Whatever image of Methodism these churches held it was delusional. They know God, Jesus, the Bible, and Wesleyan doctrine better than the rest of us. That kind of narcissism isn’t healthy. I’ll keep praying for them. Maybe they can get a bulk rate on group therapy.  Mass psychosis isn’t anything new.  It makes me mad when the rest of us decide to play along.  Don’t give them the coverage they crave.  Let them go and as my  grandmother always said, “Don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.”