Putting the Genius Who Knows The Most About Sin in Charge of Salvation


Somewhere Between Mathew 4:9 and Matthew 4:10

“Yes,” said the tempter.  “I took full advantage of my knowledge of temptation and sin in order to test you.”  He paused for dramatic effect. Satan was a very good method actor.  “As was deemed fully legal and appropriate in my arrangement as the wandering adversary with your father,” he wanted to make the boy seem stupid and ill informed.

“I know what your deal was with my father and Job.  I also know how long you were able to deduct those temptations,” said the boy.

“Exactly,” he exclaimed!  “Why do think I’m the guy here today?”

“So why don’t you tell me?”

“No one knows sin, temptation, evil, malfeasance, and malevolence like me.  Who better to fix the sins of the world than a guy who is a genius when it comes to using sin laws and codes?  I’m the guy to change the sin codes permanently and forever, so it will benefit the little guys selling tents in Capernaum or silver in Ephesus. I know sin.   I’m a sin genius.  Sin is my first, last, and middle name.  If you want to fix sin, hire a sinner!”

Admittedly, this took the boy surprise.  Hire a sinner to save the world from sin.  All he would have to do was worship this fast talking tempter who claimed to know everything about salvation.

“Kid, you’re perfect.  No one is ever going to believe you when you talk about people sins, especially sins related to money.  Look at all the stuff I’ve done: Persia, Babylon, Rome, and the Egypt.  Tempter University.  I’m a financial and sin success.  You want to be in business with me.  Everything I touch turns to Gold.”

The kid thought for a second.  “Didn’t Babylon collapse and aren’t the Pharaoh’s all dead?”

“Wrong!  Lies told by my Greek competitors.  The Romans and I are working on new permits with Ptolemy and it’s going to be HUUUGE, so BIIGLY.  You won’t believe it.  So what’s it going to be?”

The kid from Nazareth thought about it.  It seemed pretty ridiculous to put a sinner in charge of sin.  The whole thing, this tempter, was really getting on his last nerve. So he said, “no I’m not going to worship you.  You’re not a genius.  I’m sticking with God.”


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