Questions Piqued By Life On Ocracoke


If Ocracoke residents occupy the eastern most island of North Carolina and drive on “NC Highway 12”, how far east do we need to go to drive on Highways 1 through 11?

Are there any golf carts on any golf courses carting any golfers anywhere on the eastern seaboard of the United States?

Has anyone actually seen a fig? Or am I being misled by part time naturalists, bakers, and practical jokers? I still don’t know how to identity a fig. The last time I tried, I turned out to be a beetle. If held at gunpoint, I couldn’t pick out a fig from an overripe date.

When Tesla’s self driving cars catch on and everyone tells their computer to drive to “My Paradise”, will that create chaos for the ferry system and maybe a few collisions?

How weird is that only one shop on the island sells the board game Monopoly?

The sea shells I purchased at a local gift shop are small. Is there a place to find larger ones at no cost?

Does SpongeBob SquarePants live in the waters off Ocracoke or on the Island itself ?