Common Misconceptions About Christianity, Churches, and the Bible


Here are 10 misconceptions held by Christians and non-Christians about the Church and Christianity. Let me try to clear them up.

1. The Bible is inerrant. In reality: It’s full of mistakes, contradictions, and historical errors. In that way, the Bible mirrors life itself.

2. God wrote the Bible. In reality: ordinary people wrote the Bible.   They made “typos” and spelling mistakes, some of which have led to people believing in weird things which have nothing to do with God.

3. In most of the churches I’ve served there is a painting in which Jesus looks as if he’s a northern European man wearing a bed sheet.  Is this true?  In reality: He was a dark skinned Palestinian Jew.  I cannot speak to Jesus wearing a bathrobe or bed sheet.

4. Jesus spoke English. In reality: He knew only Aramaic.  As far as I understand, Jesus never met King James, William Shakespeare, or studied their English.

5. Jesus was a Christian. In reality: The term “Christian” came into use well after his death.  Jesus never heard or used the word.  Jesus was Jewish; like Mel Brooks, The Apostle Paul, and Jerry Seinfeld.

6. Post-resurrection Jesus was a zombie.  In reality: Jesus was not a zombie.

7. The Christians you see on television are just like your Christian neighbors. In reality: your neighbors aren’t the narrow minded doofuses seen on television. Yes, we can be a little strange at times but we do try to love our neighbors.

8. Being a pastor means years of schooling and substantial student loan debt. In reality: For $35.00 anyone can get ordained. However, online ordinations do not offer a pension.

9. In little churches all across the South, Christians handle snakes in worship. In reality: I have never touched a snake in church.  I did kill a spider once.

10. Church people have favorite pews and seats which they prefer and will rarely move from for newcomers and visitors.  In reality: This is not a misconception.  Take that pew, expect a fight.