White Trash Jesus, Martha, and Mary

MY NAME IS EARL -- "Made a Lady Think I Was God" Episode 206 -- Pictured:(l-r) Roseanne Barr as Millie Banks, Jason Lee as Earl-- NBC Photo: Karen Neal

Martha and White Trash Jesus

“White trash Jesus”,
Yells Martha from the back of the trailer,
“Tell that no good, two-timing, short skirt wearing,
Sister of mine,
To help me pass out the PBR and chips,
What does she think it takes?
This stuff called discipleship,
To sit there and flutter; her over done eyes at you,
While Peter pretends not to stare,
At her tattooed boobs?
White Trash Jesus,
Tell Mary to get off her ass,
And help my worn out knees,
‘Cause I still got to go out,
And cut the back grass.”

–Richard Bryant