Going to Church Is Also About More than Who Uses The Bathroom


If I had a nickel for each time I’d been told, via Facebook post or in an actual conversation, that HB 2 isn’t only about “persons using the bathroom”, I’d be able to buy an overpriced drink at a local vending machine. This got me thinking. I’d like to tell the world, “The church isn’t only about persons worshipping God”. If we (the church) were to place the same kind of passion both the advocates and opponents have argued to explain that, “this is more than a bathroom bill” into saying, “church is more than what you think it is”, where would we be? I think we’d be much further than the last time anyone asked me to blandly “re-think” something.

Here are a few things church is also about beyond worshipping God:

1. Church is about the people who are suicidal trying to stay alive one more day

2. Church is about children learning to give rather than to take

3. Church is about singing when spoken words won’t express the complexity of your emotions

4. Church is about finding a place to sit when your legs are tired

5. Church is about having a place where people will wait on you, hand and foot and not complain

6. Church is about telling people how much it hurts and not being judged for the sources of your pain

7. Church is about other people being happy for the smallest things in your life

8. Church is about the finding quiet when there is noise everywhere else

9. Church is about nobody telling you that you’re wrong

10. Church is about leaving the lights on for you when you’re afraid of the dark

11. Church is about being a memorable place to live and a safe place to die

12. Church is about replacing fear with hope

13. Church is about being a home, regardless of how you feel about your own home

14. Church is about connecting older models, newer upgrades, and those with different operating systems in one place

15. Church is about unconditional love


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