Food for Thought-Life Will Find A Way (Acts 10: 34-43)


Much of what I want to share about Easter comes from the Greatest Story Ever Told-about Dinosaurs. Yes, I want to preach this morning from both the Book of Acts and Jurassic Park. Dr. Ian Malcolm is a mathematician and chaos theoretician in the original Jurassic Park series by the late Michael Crichton.  Brought in as one of a scientific team to analyze the risks and potential scientific benefits of the park, he immediately sees the dangers in harnessing such powerful technology to reproduce ancient animals.  The genetic controls, which park owners have created to guarantee the numbers and size of the animals, do not factor in the role of nature itself.  Nature is fluid, flexible, and after 65 million years difficult to predict.  Here’s what he says to the scientists raising baby dinosaurs.

Life finds a way.  You find the message of the resurrection in the strangest places.  However, if you want to know the essence of the Easter message and what this day means, that’s it: “life finds a way”.   I would like to tell the church:  after billions of years; God is fluid, flexible, and difficult to predict.  If you cut off all of the opportunities for growth, reproduction, change, and life via some form of manipulation (such as death on a cross), life finds a way.  We don’t understand the way, how the way functions, but the way is made and it exists.  Our worst (or best) intentions can’t alter (or control) life’s grand design.  Life finds a way.  Life wins every time.    In the empty tomb, life found a way.  In the darkness, life found a way.  In the shattered lives of grieving disciples, life found a way.

That’s the core of Peter’s message in Acts 10, despite the extinction blow delivered by humanity; life found a way.  Despite the destructive efforts of many, life found a way to live, breathe, eat, and move among those who recognized life as life.

Is life finding a way with you this morning?  Or are all of the controls in place, firmly planted and designed to cut off any chance of life finding you any time anywhere?  If that’s the life you’ve created for yourself, I’m here to tell you, life will find a way.  Resurrection will find a moment.  Life moves faster than a fourth grader looking for an Easter egg on a cloudy Saturday morning.  Life finds a way like children find Easter eggs; quickly and repeatedly.  Each egg is a victory, a self-contained moment of resurrection.  Life finds a way.  Life wins.