Food for Thought-Foolish Waiting and Advent Waiting


Gracious God,

All we seem to do is wait. Are you waiting with me in these lines?  We wait at the store, in parking lots, and everywhere we turn. Waiting seems to be the defining feature of Christmas. We grow so weary of waiting. There is foolish waiting and there is Advent waiting. Advent waiting is active, it speaks, and moves. Advent waiting isn’t satisfied by a wistful longing of the way things used to be or idealized versions of perfection. Advent waiting will settle for nothing less the grand imperfections of this moment; for now is the moment when the Kingdom of God bursts from our broken lives. Forgive us our foolish waiting. Forgive us for only seeing waiting as the way of the world. Wrench these moments from our lives as we long to embrace the active waiting of Advent.

In the Name of Christ Child,


–Richard Bryant


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