Food for Thought-Hashtag Pray for Paris


I need to be told more than to “Pray for Paris”. Spiritually, it’s not doing it for me this morning. In light of what happened, the words sound vapid and vague. The phrase is already becoming commercialized, popping up on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and all over EBay.  Don’t get me wrong; the thought, idea, concept, and sentiments are good. My question is this: in the wake of such abject horror and terror, for what and whom do we pray. Where does one begin to pray? How do you do it right without making it cheesy, money-grubbing, and gross?

In such an overwhelming tragedy, I had to make a list. I can’t simply send good vibes to France behind a hashtag. I must write this out. I am praying for:

1. The survivors
2. Those who are coming to terms with the reality their loved ones aren’t coming home
3. Those trying to protect others from further harm
4. Those caring for the wounded
5. Those trying to connect the dead with the living
6. Those who believe faith in any deity means you have the right to kill another human being.