Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas on Preparing for A Hurricane #Joaquin #HurricaneJoaquin #Ocracoke #OBX #community #Hurricane


1. I’m living in a community (one of many on the east coast of the US) facing a hurricane. Hurricanes are natural disasters. This means they grow out of and are formed from nature. Despite our best attempts and growing scientific knowledge we cannot control natural disasters. We may attempt to manipulate nature yet we cannot control it. No matter how many generators we buy, boats we own, or rain boots we buy; we aren’t controlling the uncontrollable. We may feel like we have control but this is a delusion.

2. In order to find clarity in an environment where we have little to no power, we need an extraordinary mindset. A mindset which focuses on acceptance. The mindset of focus and acceptance is not an ideology of limits but a belief in the opportunities presented by a limitless universe. What do we do with what we’ve been given by nature on our doorstep? Will we be overwhelmed, empowered, or washed away?

3. Every storm in unique. Every storm in our lives is unique. Whether it’s named Joaquin or Katrina or Category 2 or 4; every storm is different. We all experience storms differently. Some people downplay fear and emotion. Others get anxious and scared. Treat all fear as real. Don’t downplay someone’s experience because your own life has been down a different road. Value all storms. Storms are different all the way around. Respect different reactions.

4. During a disaster, take time to build community. If you haven’t met your neighbors now would be a good time to do so. Let nature pull you closer together.

5. We have a choice whether to be wrapped up in hurricane hysteria. Even when the winds are blowing and doom appears imminent. The choice is ours. What choice will you make? To help others, to make the most of what opportunities arrive, to listen to others, or build a personal mythology of fear?