Food for Thought-Why Is Kim Davis In Jail?


1. She wants to be a martyr for her cause, however you define her cause. It has nothing to do with the Supreme Court. She’s made a conscious decision to be behind bars.

2. Being divorced three times, married four, and having heterosexual relationships beyond the bounds of traditional marriage are OK in her world view because a) it’s heterosexual and b) hetero anything, in her eyes, is far better than homosexual anything, c) her idea of sin and forgiveness only applies to the limited understanding of her own life-not the overarching grace Christ offers to everyone. This is her worldview.  It’s not so much a double standard as a theology of justification, common to many Christian traditions today.  In many churches, when it comes to issues of human sexuality, people do believe and live as if one “sin” is worse than another.  In other words, my actions can be justified, because my sins were and are not as bad or inherently wrong as someone else’s.  Churches like this may say, “we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”,  but the fact remains; they believe some of us to be worse sinners than others.  This is the religious tradition from which she emerges.

3. She probably has a limited idea of what “Christian beliefs” she’s upholding or what the Bible actually says about relationships between men and women or that polygamy is the norm throughout the Bible, and there’s no standard Biblical definition of marriage.

4. She’s worshiping a Book, not a Savior who said anything about gay marriage. The Bible is not the same as God whose stories it relates. Christians do not worship a book. As much as her lawyers remind us the constitution says nothing about gay marriage, neither does Jesus Christ. She can’t stand before a federal judge and say signing a marriage license goes against what Jesus Christ said or taught.

5. If she’s hurt people, she should be forgiven.  The Bible gives the rough estimate of seventy times seven times. Essentially, our forgiveness should mirror the indefinite love we receive from God each day.  That’s a standard outlined by Jesus. We need to follow it.