Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas about BBQ Sauce (August 25th, 2015)

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1. Start with something which will give every bite a memorable kick. What is the unique variation of spice that will define your “life BBQ” sauce as unique?

2. Will you be vinegar based or tomato based? Apart from regional tastes, there are too many people marinated in vinegar.

3. Good BBQ sauce has a mix of sugar and spices. One flavor shouldn’t over power the other. It shouldn’t be too sweet but you should know the sugar is there. Is the sweetness in your life obscured?

4. Sauce that is too sweet will jelly and stay in one place. The right mix in the right sauce marinates the entire piece of meat. Is only one are of your life well flavored?

5. Don’t get caught up in marketing. Good sauce comes in simple bottles. Focus on flavor of life, not the packaging. Substance matters more than the labels. People and their stories matter more than superficial appearances.