Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for August 13th, 2015


1. Locate your purpose in something surrounding you. It’s there, in an object, a person, an animal, or even a tool. Is there a pencil nearby? Are you able to write something down? This might be a note of encouragement, an idea, a plan, or a priority? Can you cook someone a meal? Might you care for someone or something other than yourself? Locate your purpose, for today, beyond yourself.

2. Anytime we download software or buy something new over the internet (usually) we have to agree to terms and conditions. What are your terms and conditions? Do you have reasonable or unreasonable terms and conditions for the life you lead? If you were to peel away all of the unnecessary obstructions, what would be the terms you’d like to live on? Would they be determined by family and friends? Where do wealth, money, and possessions figure into your terms and conditions?

3. In order to locate your purpose and move beyond yourself today, do you need to leave anything behind? Is something holding you back, biases, unrealistic terms, poorly formed ideas, or mental clutter? What do you need to put down to move forward?

4. What’s guiding you to find your purpose? Are you going to be guided by your values, advice from others, immediate necessities, or competing priorities that would like to replace your purpose? If your values go first, everything else becomes much clearer.

5. There is a path to a better world waiting for you take it toward some pressing need. Your purpose is moving you forward. Will you follow?

Remember, be courageous and kind and know that you are loved.