Food for Thought-Richard’s Rules for Praying in Public Before Meals

dear lord baby jesus

• Avoid the Ricky Bobby Method: Pray. You’re not there to preach. Be brief. Get in and get out.

• Be sincere. Avoid clichés. Stale prayers and stale food are a no go.

• In public, don’t be a show off! Don’t try to witness to every nonbeliever in the room. Would Jesus have prayed for 8 minutes, in an ostentatious style over some fried chicken because this might be the one and only chance the tourists at the back table get to hear the Gospel? Keep it Christian but don’t go all Billy Graham over the potato salad. Not cool.

• If you want to pray like Jesus, you better tip like Jay Gatsby. Sunday church goers are notoriously bad tippers. Christians should be good prayers and good tippers.