Food for Thought-Buddha is Not a Storm Trooper and Other Religious Confusion


1. The Buddha is not a storm trooper. Buddha isn’t on the dark side. He’s not into hurting anyone.

2. Allah doesn’t want to take your job, kill you, or marry your daughter.

3. Jesus isn’t intent on forcing you to marry a gay person.

4. Krishna isn’t planning to stop you from enjoying a night at Outback.

5. Confucius says some incredibly wise things that are worth reading, but no one really says, “Confucius says…” before quoting him.

6. Christians in Palestine use the word Allah for God. Why, because they speak Arabic and that’s the Arabic word for God. Allah, the word, or God, the concept isn’t property of one faith.

7. Moses wasn’t really anything at all like Charlton Heston.

8. Just because you don’t know someone who is of a different faith doesn’t mean you don’t need to know how they worship or what they believe. Chances are, there are more people who believe in their tradition than yours.

9. Prayer and respect for the dead are common to most religious traditions.

10. Darth Vader is on the Dark Side. The similarities between the “Force” and Buddhism are vague at best.