Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for July 31st, 2015


1. How did you do with your gratitude points? Pick three new things today. Try making this a habit. Two days ago, I talked about releasing things that may be holding you back. Yesterday we looked at gratitude for things already present in our lives. Are there things we need to pick up? As we let go of negative emotions are there things like humility, patience, and gentleness we need to pick up and embrace? Release something negative and replace it with something positive.

2. No one makes good decisions when they are physically or emotionally starved. If our emotions (our mental state) are malnourished we’re going to go after psychological junk food and make bad decisions. Setting ourselves up for healthy emotions is like going to the grocery store on a full stomach. You make better decisions and buy only what you need. One way to do this is to surround ourselves with people who bring out our best.

3. Words shape our beliefs and actions. Think about the words you use today and how the land on the ears of the people around you.

4. Metaphors can tell a great story or distract us from saying what we really mean. Communicate for a day with as few metaphors as possible.

5. If you can empower someone else to be better, do better, or feel better you can do the same for yourself.