Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for July 28th, 2015


1. You’re not alone. Though you may feel alone, you can find support for what’s going wrong and right in your life. Help is matter of asking.

2. If you need to be alone, find a deserted place make some mental space to listen.

3. Try to open a door for someone, say “bless you”, let others go ahead of you, or commit to other tangible acts of giving everyone the intangible gift of respect. What we make the mental commitment to act upon in public will shape our spiritual values.

4. How can our lives, as we take our tangible actions and intangible thoughts (i.e. respect, empathy) be combined to ultimately reflect those things for which we are thankful?

5. Are the most important things in our lives determined by our own choices someone else making a choice on your behalf?