Food for Thought-10 More Beloved Figures Donald Trump MIGHT Want to Offend This Week


1. God – “I like people who can get things done in less than a week”
2. Jesus – “I like people who don’t turn the other cheek”
3. The Dalai Lama – “Honestly, I like the people who take a harder line with China”
4. Mother Teresa – “I like people who cure disease, not treat the sick forever”
5. Ronald Reagan – “I like people who know how to make better movies”
6. Thomas Jefferson – “I like people who can tell the difference between a lower case “f” and an “s”
7. John F. Kennedy – “I like people who don’t get shot in moving cars”
8. The crew of Apollo 13 – “They’re only famous because their ship blew up, I like people when their spaceships don’t blow up.”
9. Vladimir Putin – “He’s only president because Yeltsin gave him the job.”
10. The Pope – “Who put him in charge? God? He’s only Pope because a bunch of guys in dresses voted him in. My houses are much nicer than his palace”