Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for July 18th, 2015


1. Do you allow the demands of the moment to dictate your day or do you attempt to set boundaries around your physical, emotional, and spiritual schedule?

2. How might you “lay down the boundary card” in order to be your best self (spiritually, emotionally, physically)? One technique I use is to write the word “boundary” on a 3×5 note card. When I need to set a boundary in a given situation, I play my boundary card and explain why.

3. We all live with ratios in our lives. We have a work to home ratio. There is a family and friends ratio. These ratios depend on how much of our time and energy we devote to one aspect of our lives as compared to the other. What about our emotional ratios? Perhaps pride to humility? Even misery to happiness? Do these less tangible ratios need to be examined and adjusted?

4. Create the boundaries you need. No one will do it for you.

5. Growth and healing flourish when you emerge from a time among the boundaries of spiritual renewal.