Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for July 16th, 2015


1. What are the elements of joy and happiness? Is there a defined formula for finding joy or discovering happiness? Or is it more like the like the medieval practice of alchemy? The alchemist would combine base metals in an effort to create gold. While the dreams of the alchemist were never realized, spiritual alchemy is something we all do. We take the basic elements (emotions) of our lives and combine them to weave the intangible emotional gold called joy and happiness. The give and take between sorrow, sadness, love, and contentment in the mixing bowl of daily life places us at the threshold of joy and happiness. When all those things come together, we know how blessed we are.

2. When your joy is short circuited, is it derailed because of something beyond your control or how you chose to respond to the actions of others? If emotions are currency, how much are you willing to spend on things you have no control over? If your joy is in your control, why are you willing to let others control your most powerful and life giving emotion?

3. Does your spirit foster the conditions of joy to grow in the lives of others? Be the opposite of the ancient Greek myth of Medusa, who turned all who gazed upon her to stone. Let everyone who looks at you be brought to some measure of joy.

4. The world sets low standards for both joy and anger. Rise above them both.

5. Sometimes to see joy we have to recognize suffering.

Be courageous and be kind. Know that you are blessed. You are loved. #youareloved.