Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for July 10th, 2015


1. It is 5:00 somewhere; the refrain of alcohol aficionados everywhere. What does it really mean? It means that somewhere on planet Earth it is 5:00 pm. Whether the United Nations, Alan Jackson, or Jimmy Buffett made the decision I’m not certain but someone decided that it’s ok drink alcohol after 5:00 pm. So goes the popular mythology. If it’s 5:00 pm somewhere (a time to turn off your senses and get drunk), it’s also sunrise somewhere. Somewhere the sun is rising on a new day, new opportunities, and chances yet to be taken. It’s sunrise somewhere. Do something about it. You can restart your day now.
2. Reality is based on our perception. At the most basic level, if we change our perceptions we can change our reality.
3. Try to avoid conversations that begin with phrases like, “Can you believe what’s happening to this country….” That’s probably not a healthy conversation.
4. Concern asks why. Love does things.
5. Apples and Oranges. Incomparable objects of misunderstanding? No. Make juice of both and enjoy them together with someone else at the same table. There is no such thing as an apples and orange problem when you can make juice.  People will come together around juice.

Wherever you are, be well, be safe and know that you are loved.  #youareloved


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