Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for July 9th, 2015

Take Wings 2

1. Does the clutter in your physical life (home, work, car, social environment) reflect itself your emotional life?
2. If you’re taking out the physical trash on a daily (or weekly basis), what mental clutter removal or emotional hygiene practices are also rituals in your life? Or, do you let the garbage build up in your mind?
3. Is it important to remove one item or several things (a bagful)? Do you ever truly take one item to the curb or a single piece of rubbish to landfill? No, you’ll typically take a bag or bags or items. Why would we not do the same with the clutter in our lives and minds?
4. Does your clutter define you? Do you want to be defined by your physical and emotional clutter?
5. If your emotional clutter was gone, how would you see yourself differently?