Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for July 3rd, 2015


1. You have the ability to birth inspiration, empathy, and hope into the world around you. Can you induce labor, now, to give birth to those three ideas right now?
2. Is failure something you dwell upon or learn from? Do you know how to make that distinction?
3. Are you giving too much of your emotional energy to someone or something?  Is this detrimental to your physical and emotional health?
4. Have spent time examining your defenses? Are you prepared to withstand those things which might undermine your ability to be your best? Look around, what weakness could be under-girded for tomorrow?
5. Make time today to have conversation with a stranger. The world belongs to those who are willing to learn something new.

Be blessed, be well, and know that you are loved.  #youareloved


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