Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for Today June 25th, 2015


1. Watch someone be amazed at something you take for granted. What does this remind you about joy?
2. Are there myths you are accepting as reality? What happens if you examine the myth? How can your reality change for the better?
3. Does fear, boredom, or negative inertia drive you to act in ways that aren’t courteous, kind, or filled with empathy? How can you redirect the negative inertia in you life?
4. Create a “To Don’t” list to go with you “To Do” list. What are the habits, thought patterns, and emotions which might fill such a list?
5. Is hope an open-ended grasp at an unseen future, or is it a something you can help forge and create for yourself and others?

Life is a whirlwind of change and many emotions.  Please remember, that in the middle of everything you face, you are loved. ‪