Food for Thought-Some Things I’m Likely To Ask in Pre-Marital Counseling

The Church

The Church

1. Tell me why you love each other? (in as few words as possible)
2. Tell me why you want to get married?
3. Why is getting married in a church important to you?
4. Tell me the last thing you got mad at each other about?
5. If you can’t remember what that “thing” was, why do you think that is?
6. Have you ever used the words “our money” or “my money” when describing your finances?
7. If you could spend the money you’re spending on the wedding on anything else, what would it be? Student loans, a new car, a house payment?
8. How does your family feel about your wedding?
9. Have you done this kind of thing before?
10. Who are you role models for marriage?

Pre Marital Counseling Questions Download a PDF of the “10 Things I’m Likely to Ask in Pre-Marital Counseling Questions” by clicking on the highlighted link to the left.


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