Food for Thought-How Do You Use The Bible Like A Gun?


This picture bothers the hell (can I say that) out of me?  Why is it only Americans should know how to use Bibles and guns?  What if I’m a gun loving, second amendment believing atheist, should I turn the other way? Or a fundamentalist opposed to handguns, how about me? How do you use the Bible in the same manner you might use a gun?  How can you be taught to use a Bible in the same way you might be taught to use something that kills people?

Equating the life giving word of God with something that is designed to kill people doesn’t help people see the reality of what it means to be a Christian.  The Bible isn’t a tool to be used like a mop, door stop, or gun.  We don’t beat people over the head with a Bible.  People don’t become a Christian through violence or brute force.  Equating the Bible with a gun makes that implication.  The Bible should be taught in church.  I’ve lived in places where they taught the Bible in public schools.  Northern Ireland, they teach religion in every public school.  Look how well its worked out for them.  No problem there.  They managed to combine four decades of Bibles and guns together into killing innocent people.

It’s a book of stories detailing God’s interaction with humanity of a long period of time.  It was written by people like you and me.  It tells of people being killed for no good reason.  There are stories of people being brought back to life after encounters with disease and death.  On page after page, people are taught to love the poorest members of society; immigrants, widows, and orphans.  In the other cultures who surrounded those who believed in the Israelite God, people were regarded are disposable tools with no worth or value.  God’s book is clear, we are more than tools of violence.  We are to be instruments of love and mercy.  This is what we are to teach.

Think before you buy into the knee jerk emotive reactions such pictures evoke.  These memes are un-Christian, un-biblical, and wrong.


8 thoughts on “Food for Thought-How Do You Use The Bible Like A Gun?

  1. Great post, I agree.

    That being said, not very much thought went into this meme at all. It was designed, I think, to get people to react to it negatively and/or with anger.

    People who have, as the meme itself says, learned to use the Bible should be above such nonsensical rhetoric. Where is the message of Jesus in this is what I would ask to whoever forwarded to me.


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    Please read.
    As a Christian who takes the commandment of the Bible to Judge not quite seriously, I won’t say anything about the present state of the world. However I will simply say; everyone needs to find Jesus. Not the Jesus you see touted, disrespected. But the Jesus I know- caring, loving and supportive.
    Don’t take the media’s word for it. Please get a Bible and open it to John 10:10.
    Then read this article.


  3. Thanks or the read

    I agree that true Christians should not use weapons, at least not for any other reason than hunting for food and self defense say, in the wilderness against a bear or other dangerous animal that attack.

    True Christians are willing to go to jail if required, instead of doing military service, learning to kill other Christians for the 0.01%

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