Food for Thought-The Poverty of My Irish Dreams


Lay your dreams beside me,
Sleep now,
In my impoverished peace,
Woven distant memories,
Stitched along the winter fleece,
In the hills round Sligo’s green,
The past calls gently,
I must cease to weep,
Round the villages,
Of Tyrone’s hills,
My soul readily careens,
To our lovely home,
A place the neighbors,
Kindly keep.

–Richard Bryant


2 thoughts on “Food for Thought-The Poverty of My Irish Dreams

    • Ron, thank you much. I was having a homesick moment for our Irish sojourn a few days ago. We had a folk festival on the island over the past few days and it’s been much storytelling and music in these parts. I’m glad things are back to normal today. I hope you’re well.


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