Food for Thought-When Uncle Earl Died Prior To Finishing His Work In the Outhouse


The funkified adverse melodies,
Hammered in 6 counts of uncertain time,
By out of tune roosters who rendered,
Under the tactful name of,
“Chickens in Suspenders”,
They called silently,
to the indolent crowd,
Swilling free rang ale,
Watching the fowl show,
Drunken faces go pale,
On the midnight plateau,
Of the “Sage Brush Foxes
Midnight Opry and Dandelion Disco,”
Will they sing that one?
That one we all know?
The one that goes like this?
No one knows.
Don’t ask me,
Sometime later,
Uncle Earl died,
Before he took a wee,
By the outhouse door,
His last words,
“Look at me!”

–Richard Bryant