Food for Thought-The United Methodist Church is In a Bit of a Pickle

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1. Be Careful of Those With Magic Bullet Solutions
2. Be Careful of Those Who Think They’ve Got It All Figured Out (and love to tell you)
3. Be Careful of Those Who Mock Their Presbyterian and Episcopal Brothers and Sisters
4. Be Careful of Those Who Want to Give Up
5. Be Careful of Those Who Buy Into the Manufactured Fear on Social Media
6. Be Careful of Those Who Like to Hear Themselves Talk About Things Which Don’t Matter
7. Be Careful of Those Who Will Pick Up the Pieces When All Is Said And Done
8. Be Careful of Having 18th Century Arguments at 21st century gatherings.
9. Be Careful of Those who want to “make” things. Disciples are grown not made. We don’t “make” anything. It’s an organic process, not industrial. Factory farming discipleship is inhumane and killing organized religion.
10. Are we loving people, or too into putting our names onto pullover shirts, church marketing and being cool?

Rev. Richard Bryant