Food for Thought-50 Good Things You Can Do Today


1. Smile more
2. Say hello to total strangers
3. Wave
4. Pet a dog or cat other than your own
5. Cook a meal you might normally not eat
6. Paint something (wall, house, picture)
7. Build something (birdhouse, doghouse)
8. Help someone who doesn’t obviously seek help but still needs help
9. Keep a journal
10. Call your family
11. Cancel your cell phone
12. Write thank you notes
13. Walk and exercise more
14. Drink more water
15. Read more
16. Compute less
17. Take more pictures of the world around you
18. See something you’ve always wanted to see
19. Forgive someone
20. Hug more often
21. Learn why forks and spoons go where they go on the table
22. Wash dishes by hand
23. Get a dog or cat
24. Learn to tell one joke really well
25. Work on learning a foreign language
26. Ask someone else to tell you their story
27. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee
28. Whistle
29. Learn to sew
30. Take a friend a pie
31. Help with homework
32. Tip generously if you go out to eat
33. Look up
34. Listen to the world around you
35. Donate money to help people in Nepal
36. Sing
37. Look for ways to be empathetic
38. Spend some time outside today
39. Look at issues in your life and identify those that are “first world problems”
40. Gain perspective
41. Thank the people around you who work hard to make your life better
42. Make a bucket list to do before sunset tomorrow
43. Walk by a cemetery, remember you could be there
44. Take a ride on a sailboat
45. Start a seashell collection
46. Try a smoothie
47. Volunteer to use your much needed skills
48. Tell someone you love them
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50. Interact constructively with other human beings and have fun