Food for Thought-Dining Out With Richard


If you’re going to serve me a “home cooked pie”, tell me the home where it was cooked. Your health certificate is plain for all to see. Who will vouch for this “home”?

I prefer menus written on paper and chalkboards to those on touchscreens.

If you would like me to order something, tell me it is, “fresh, tender, mouth watering, succulent, served on a bed of, tangy, topped with, hearty, or luscious.” These words will get me every time. Topped with onions and mushrooms are great items with which to crown any dish. Have plenty available. I’m not particularly interested in how fresh a piece of lettuce or fish might be. I’ll trust you. Why would you serve anything other than fresh food?  Spare the room on the menu or the speech by the wait person to include more pertinent information such as; where I might wash my hands.

Nowhere should you say I can enjoy the above mentioned qualities in food with cheese or olives. I hate cheese. I despise olives.

Restaurants which bear the name or names of the owners seem to continually draw me back. I like to feel I am on a first name basis with the establishment where I am dining.

I prefer glasses without writing, printing, or other artwork. I’m there to drink water, iced tea, or Tab. Looking at pictures or advertisements while I am trying to drink my Tab distracts me.

Places which are cash only are classy places. I have eaten some of the best meals of my life in cash only restaurants.