Food for Thought-A Median Letter of Contradistinctive Explanation (A Letter found with the Letters)


Dear Reader,

I am not the author of these letters. I am the merely the editor. According to information I received in late 2014, a box containing mid-century correspondence between two anonymous Yugoslavians in search of bird common to Eastern Europe was inadvertently discovered in the overhead compartment of an abandoned piece of luggage on the “Red Arrow” train between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Baggage handlers working in the seedy Moscow railway and literary underground soon sought my assistance in dating and translating the archaic Serbo-Croatian typescript into Russian and English. While each letter was clearly dated and both languages share common linguistic similarities, their duties moving luggage and preparing for underground poetry readings made the effort more than they could handle. As such, I became the custodian of this story. Each word was carefully passed to me in individual Aeroflot airmail envelopes and then reassembled on alternating pages of Estonian born psychologist’s Wolfgang Kohler’s dissertation on gestalt methods. Thanks to being forced to read Kohler’s early and innovative work, I have learned much about myself as well as those wrote these letters. While much knowledge about the authors is still unknown, I may reveal this. Both lack at least one finger on two hands. Birds, like people, can be vicious, when you approach too quickly.

The Editor