Food for Thought-How To Be A Freak* in Methodism


1. Reject the conventional wisdom of those who insist on telling the emperor his clothes look great.

2. Reject the conventional wisdom of those who insist the emperor is naked and there are no clothes in sight.

3. Use the words “I don’t know” more than you say anything else when it comes to Methodism or faith.

4. Resist the urge to play God and believe we have a monopoly on anything when it comes to faith.

5. Drop out of the pre-packaged Christian culture of concerts, events, and companion DVDs which is pulling Methodism deeper within its shrink-wrapped tentacles.

6. Cancel your cell phone. Live off your email and house phone alone. It will blow your colleagues’ mind. (It will also save money.)  You don’t need it.  Set an example for your church and others.

7. Jesus was a peasant carpenter, not a middle class family with three kids coming to a contemporary service. Let’s not apologize, hide, or minimize his poverty.  Let’s not make him fit our lifestyle.  Let’s emphasize how out of touch we are with his.

8. If this were a Roma Downey/Mark Burnett Biblical movie, we’d be the Pharisees. We are so heavily invested in our status quo, pensions, and health care. We are the Pharisees. We need to own our sin.

9. Let’s not be the equivalent of poorly worded scam emails asking people to invest in eternity if they let us hold their cash for a moment. We can do more with less.

10. Allow our manufactured theologies and ideologies to take a back seat to your God given humanity.

*My title is inspired by the work of University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt and his colleague Stephen Dubner’s series of works collectively titled “Freakanomics, Superfreakanomics, and Think Like a Freak”.