Food for Thought-Hash-tag


Hash-tag Jesus

Hash-tag 1st Century Palestinian Carpenter’s Lives Matter

Hash-tag Whoever You Kill In the Name of the State Is Also a Child of God

Hasth-tag Sinner undeserving of God’s grace is executed on Easter weekend

Hash-tag Follower of Jesus Lies Dead In Charleston Days on Holy Saturday

Hash-tag When you’ve done it to the least of these you’ve done it to me

Hash-tag Then we’ve killed Jesus with eight bullets.

Hash-tag We Keep Killing People Who Don’t Deserve to Die

Hash-tag This is why people question the resurrection

Hash-tag Death is so common and power is so real

Hash-tag Handcuff a dead man

Hash-tag Wait and watch as he dies

Hash-tag Golgotha by the Advance Auto Parts

Hash-tag  Put Walter Scott in Jesus’ empty tomb

Hash-tag Resurrection?


-Richard Bryant