Food for Thought-10 Things Jesus Never Said


1. Anything about homosexuality
2. God Bless America
3. It’s OK for people who identify as my followers to use my name and my teachings as the rationale for discriminating against people who they simply don’t like.
4. True patriotism and religious freedom are about giving God-fearing, flag waving cake bakers, pizza makers, and florists the power to say no to making money.
5. The word “Christianity”
6. Make Saint Paul’s words more important than mine.
7. Take my words out of context and then use them to justify things I wouldn’t be “OK” with.
8. Ignore my record of eating with whores, con artists, cheats, and those who decent people shouldn’t be forced to encounter.
9. How am I going to get paid for all of this medical care I’m offering to people? Healings aren’t cheap. Can these peasants afford co-pay?
10. If you follow me, you can’t follow anyone else on Twitter.