Food for Thought-It Doesn’t Work This Way


1. God doesn’t work this way. Never has, never will.  How do they know what God will do?  A “favor”?  You’ve got to be kidding me!
2. Blessings aren’t a quid pro quo arrangement. We don’t receive something from God in return for doing something inane like forwarding a picture. God blesses us because God loves us.
3. Take this concept. What if you don’t have a phone, access to the internet, or a computer? How can you be expected to share this image within 120 seconds? As a result, you’re denied God’s blessings because of your limited access to technology. Does this sound like the God you’ve been taught to love and worship in church? A God who would punish or bless people on a whim because they didn’t share an image on a computer or phone doesn’t deserve to be worshiped. No. It’s utterly ridiculous.
4. Do you honestly think God cares whether or not you’re sharing pictures, is keeping track of who is sharing what, and planning who to grant a “favor” to at any one time? This is God we’re talking about. Do you honestly believe that the God of all creation works in such a petty way, like the popular kid at a junior high school?  “Forward this to prove your love for me…” If this is how your think, you have a warped view of Christianity. Get help now.