Food for Thought-5 Things to Remember About Faith, Religion, and Language


If you use “millennials” more than twice in one sentence when talking about evangelism, try remembering, “No other Christians on earth talks this way”.  It’s only first world Protestants with existential angst and the time to invent terms because we don’t have to deal with Ebola or small arms fire. Everywhere else in the world, people are people.  Our excessive use of sociological terminology makes us sound like manipulative jerks having inside conversations with ourselves.

If you can’t come up with anything positive to say about gay marriage; don’t start reaching for a Bible to back up your prejudices.

If you think racism is a collection of isolated incidents only made worse because they’ve been highlighted by the media, talk to an African-American person about their life.

If you think liturgy and saying the creed are for high church American liberals who don’t really believe in the authority of the Bible, talk to the families of the Coptic martyrs who died on the beach in Libya.

If you think that peace isn’t possible, talk to the thriving Jewish community in Esfahan, Iran. Hundreds of Jews publically pray in Iran’s third largest city every day.