Food for Thought-Pastoral Prayer 3rd Sunday of Lent


Gracious God,

Come find us in the corners of the temples where we have hidden ourselves.  We don’t want to be torn down and re-made; not in three days or forty-six years.  We have grown comfortable with our lifestyles, accustomed to changing our money, paying what we can afford to make blood sacrifices to our personal versions of God.  We are so enmeshed in the system we no longer realize how out of hand things have become.  We don’t realize by handing over and participating in the empty rituals around us, we are complicit in the corruption you have come to expose.  May today be the day we stop participating in a corrupt system in order to pay for the right to worship our God.  May today be the day we realize the price of prayer is nothing and coming to God is something we are able to do without gatekeepers or buying a ticket to enter a building.  May we spread this message far and wide.  May we bring God’s presence to those who feel locked out, abandoned, and forgotten.  To those who seek healing, we offer our own contrite hearts and broken spirits as free sacrifices and gifts of love.  To those who mourn, comfort them in their loss and shield them in their grief.  Here us now, as we pray…