Food for Thought-The Mix Tape


Something along those lines,
It looks akin to this,
The greatest hits you’ll ever find,
Edited together and seamless,
On the looping reels in your mind,
Playing back distorted sounds,
one cut, a space at a time,
listening for the break,
will the peace be put back
in a different order,
has time deteriorated,
the small spot,
on the tape,
among the words,
where the future,
I once spied,
Held a place,
On this tiny thing,
Called a mix tape.

–Richard Bryant


2 thoughts on “Food for Thought-The Mix Tape

    • Thank you. I’m glad it worked for you on various layers. I started it at one place and ended somewhere else with various ideas in the middle. You’re a great reader or I’m incredibly transparent. Both, most likely.


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