Food for Thought-Who Said It? Fundamentalists or ISIS


Who Is Worse for Women? Christians Fundamentalists or ISIS

There are striking similarities between how certain elements of evangelical Christianity and ISIS view the role of women. Central to the Christian fundamentalist view is that women should serve in no leadership roles in the church and remain submissive to their husbands and male authority figures (especially pastors). As one theologian described it, “males were designed to shine the spotlight to the church in a way that females cannot.” For many, this challenge is exacerbated by increasing numbers of women clergy and men relinquishing traditional family leadership roles.

Here’s your opportunity to see if you can spot the differences between statements regarding the role of women in evangelical Christianity and extremist Islam. If you closed your eyes and didn’t know who you were listening to, could you tell the difference?  It’s  incredibly difficult to do. The statements below are taken from either a recently released “ISIS Statement on Women” and from noted evangelical theologian John Piper.

Read all four before checking yourself against the answers below. Are these statements all the same? How different are they? They certainly don’t reflect the breadth of all Islamic thought or Christian teaching. However, do certain extreme elements in both traditions have more in common than they would ever like to admit?

1. Our existence as male and female commits us to different responsibilities of leadership in relation to each other. One way to put it is that God wills that men, by virtue of their maleness, have a greater responsibility for personal, directive, spiritual leadership in relation to women than women do in relation to men.

2.  …the fundamental function for women is in the house with her husband and children.

3.      Feminine rejection of godly masculine leadership is the mark of the curse.

4.  …woman was created to populate the Earth just as man was. But, as God wanted it to be, she was made from Adam and for Adam. Beyond this, her Creator ruled that there was no responsibility greater for her than that of being a wife to her husband.








*John Piper


*John Piper