Food for Thought-Missional Is The Old Dressed Up As The New


From the What I’m Thinking This Afternoon Department…

I’m torn by the call to be more missional. It is certainly one of the buzzwords of the day; to paraphrase Marx, “it is the specter haunting western Protestantism” today.  Yet, if one observes this movement, something appears to be missing.  How many womanists, feminists, LGBTQ, persons of color, indigenous Americans, and disabled persons identify as missional? I’m guessing they identify with the church (and the people) on the margins. How many white, middle class evangelical males find themselves identifying as missional?  Missional Christianity seems to be about going towards those most like us and bringing them home to worship in some sort of hybrid, contemporary Caucasian Starbucks like environment.  We can talk about that as a radical, Acts 2:44 like act, but who are we fooling?  Certainly not the people on the margins.

Missional says it wants to look and be different but it looks like the same old hegemonic Empire, albeit with overpriced coffee, leather wrist cuffs, and hip books. Maybe I don’t want to be missional after all. Being missional looks less like the one who was crucified by the system than the system itself.  Count me in with marginal people, those who don’t have seminars, sell t-shirts, or slick book covers.  I have an inkling that’s where we’d find Jesus.