Food for Thought-Despite Everything, Why I’m Still a United Methodist


1. I think there’s something unique about a people who value human experience and rational thought as vital components of a faith in God.

2. I like being in a liturgical environment which allows for both written and unscripted responses to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

3. It’s important to be connected (like family) to those who are also pilgrims on a shared journey.

4. We believe that our worship isn’t worth anything unless it impacts how we treat other people.

5. There is a method in our madness. Methodism is not rote tradition. The method is what connects us to God when we can’t find a way to connect ourselves.

6. The doors of my church are never locked. We are physically and spiritually open.

7. No one cares which translation of the Bible is in the pews.

8. We go to great lengths to make sure no one falls through the cracks.

9. We’re not afraid to change when we realize we’re out of step with Jesus.

10. We understand prayer is a language we speak, not a habit we practice.