Food for Thought-How You Can Handle People Critical of American Sniper


1. Use social media networks to post about the movie throughout the day, particularly articles from people who love the movie, always knew they would love the movie, and insult others who may have mixed emotions about the movie. This action alone will annoy some people enough to disappear from social media sites altogether.  Bombard them with example after example of your righteous indignation at their inability to get in line and love this movie.

2. It is hard for me to imagine any red-blooded American who wouldn’t love this movie. After all, the back drop of the film is our crusade to rid the world of the evildoers in Iraq who were responsible for the September 11th attacks. The one thing everyone hates, especially since 9/11 is being labeled a socialist. Call the critic a socialist.  Socialists are one step away from being red banner waving Communists. Socialists are clearly aligned with radical Islam.  Socialists are known to hate Jesus, their mothers, and the consumption of apple pie. No one wants that title.

3. If all else fails, you can resort to a more advanced form of religious name calling. Christians who are serious about following Jesus despise being called Sadducees or Pharisees. These two groups were the sworn enemies of the right believing, flag waving, and King James English speaking Jesus we all know and love. If you really want to hurt an American Sniper critic who “claims” to follow Christ, call them a Sadducee, Pharisee, or teacher of the law.

4. Compare Chris Kyle to another heroic martyr who died to make people free: Jesus Christ.

5. Remind the America hating, Jesus despising, American Sniper critic that the God of the Old Testament was a bearded, Oakley wearing God who had no problem kicking ass and taking names.

6. Make sure the critic knows how morally bankrupt they are to have never served in the military and therefore they have no right to speak, think, or offer anything other than praise about anyone who has ever served in uniform. Our military may protect our freedoms, including the freedom of speech, but that freedom doesn’t cover the right to be critical of those who defend a value system built on the premises of openness and free expression.

7. Make sure they know that the people killed in the Middle East didn’t and don’t matter. They died only so we could hold on to the hope of solving the mystery of deflated footballs.

8. Simply say, “How dare you?”


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  1. This is great, funny at times, but really not so. I have not seen the movie nor do I wish to as I find the whole basis of our war on terror to be ill conceived and detrimental to us as a nation long term. Great post Richard.

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