Food for Thought-Lies You Might Have Been Told by a Pastor or Church

Lies You Might

1. There is only one way to read the Bible.  The Bible can only be viewed as the literal word of God. That’s not true. There are multiple ways to read and understand the scriptures.

2. Jesus only loves you unless you say a certain prayer or formulaic arrangement of words. Again, a lie. Jesus loves you as you are at this moment. How we come to that realization is what matters.

3. The church is not a place for people who have doubts or questions. To be a Christian means you have “faith” all figured out. Also, not true. God welcomes our doubts and questions. Church is a place where we should be able to explore and find the courage to be ourselves.

4. You must be able to recall (or pinpoint) the moment you were “saved”. This is false. Salvation isn’t one instance in time; it’s a lifelong process.


2 thoughts on “Food for Thought-Lies You Might Have Been Told by a Pastor or Church

  1. This is very nice to hear a pastor say, quite refreshing indeed. So many times those that are searching for their way to God are shunned by others that think they have found all the answers. This makes church a very unfriendly and uncomfortable place. Your simple statements show great wisdom, thank you Richard.


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