Food for Thought-10 Questions to Help Put Christianity, Jesus, and Things Into Perspective


1. Do you think the Roman or Jewish authorities ever referred to Jesus and the disciples as “terrorists”?

2. Given the actions and words of Jesus’ followers in the 1st century, would this be the main way Jesus’ identity would be described in today’s media culture?

3. Though they’ve harmed no one, their goal appears to be the establishment a new government, called a kingdom. Even saying these words, let alone doing anything about them, is a crime punishable by death. If you’ve only encountered Jesus and his group through television news, how do you think his goals and ideas will be presented? Will it be truthful, fair, or in a way that supports the aims of Roman military-industrial complex?

4. Would the news media have referred to the first 12 or 13 apostles as a “cell”?

5. Would Saint Paul’s fiery sermons have been accused of recruiting young people (from all over the empire) to join the Roman identified terror group known as “The Way”?

6. If Jesus pointed out the acute contradictions and deep contrasts inherent in the free market economy of 1st century Palestine, would he be called a liberal socialist (or religious fundamentalist) traitor who’s responsible for the death of the values we hold dear and need in order to preserve the economic growth which the Romans maintain?

7. Would Jesus be described as a man whose vision is to establish a unified religious kingdom, under a single belief system, across the entirety of the Middle East?

8. Could Jesus be described by any of these terms, titles, or names, “messenger of God” or “Prophet of God”?

9. If you were hearing of Jesus and his disciple’s actions for the first time, would you support the idea that they should be targeted for death by the state they were accused of trying to overthrow?

10. Given what Jesus said and his apostles did, would they be placed on the “kill list” (i.e. approved to be attacked by drones) in our current culture?


One thought on “Food for Thought-10 Questions to Help Put Christianity, Jesus, and Things Into Perspective

  1. Not only have many Christians become the very oppressive force that Jesus was vilified by, but many Americans today use the intolerant, repressive style of the colonial Tories who supported the British monarchy in 18th century America.

    History has shown that once the suppressed gain control of their lives they tend to reflect the very values of authority that represented the status quo they evolved from.

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