Food for Thought-A Ministry Manifesto


I would rather tell my congregation the truth about what Jesus teaches, how the Bible was compiled, and the reality of who Jesus is than reaffirm the conventional wisdom which passes for the truth in so many of our churches.

I would rather tell my congregation about the personal, social, and cultural implications of following Jesus than asking, “Do you know Jesus?”

I would rather tell my congregation things others rarely admit than become a mouthpiece for a culture which blames poverty on the poor, hunger on the hungry, and oppression on the oppressed.

I would rather raise more questions than provide definitive answers.

I would rather shatter stereotypes than conform to contemporary Christianity’s idea of conformist non-conformity.

I would rather tell the truth about what I believe than pretend to tow a theological (or denominational) party-line.

I would rather provoke like Jesus than be a bully like the Pharisees.

I would rather identify the ridiculous and laugh at the absurd than nod my head approvingly at the sanctimoniousness which guides much of contemporary Christianity.