Food for Thought-I Am Offline and Waiting For News from Ulanbaatar


Waiting to connect,
waiting it seems,
a proxy script to detect,
what lies beneath,
the so called code,
which drives this machine,
to the place I’ve only been,
as l look through this screen,
to be told, “there is no node”,
no way forward from this point,
delete, minimize, dissolve and quit,
wondering why this corner is closed,
I want to read what I choose,
I look towards the box which knows,
the modem and router must be reset,
into the darkness goes my quest,
red, red, now green,
find your electronic caffeine,
feel the HDMI cable tingle,
but I still see one sole bar,
still a signal that’s single,
as I wait for news from Ulanbattar.

–Richard Bryant